Application Requirements

  • Having an active account on IVAO
  • At least FS3 or AS3 on ranks in IVAO
  • Minimum aviation English required in order to communicate
  • Minimum 20 years old

Note: The pilots or ATCs admitted to VA will remain in newbie status for one month. According to the assessment to be made during this period, it will be decided whether or not they will stay in VA

Note: Applications that do not meet the conditions stated will not be considered. .

.Mandatory Activities

  • As VA, all members are obliged to participate in the weekly flight event.
  • The members who do not participate in the activities that are obligatory to attend the event without excuse no more than 3 times can be punished up to suspension from VA.
  • Each pilot must complete a flight period of 8 hours per month. Criminal proceedings will be applied to those who do not complete their hours without making an excuse.

General rules

  • Anyone who has submitted a membership application to Anka Virtual Airlines is deemed to have read and accepted the conditions.
  • No member is authorized to speak on behalf of Anka Virtual Airlines. Criminal proceedings will be applied to members who speak on behalf of VA on social media or any other platform without the consent of the executives, which may lead to suspension from VA..
  • On all platforms of Anka Virtual Airlines it is strictly forbidden to speak about political, religious, etc. issues that may lead to non-aviation mutual discussions and to disregard any promises, conduct or actions contrary to the rules of universal decency. Criminal proceedings will be applied to those who do not obey the rule

Note:Anka Virtual Airlines reserves the right to change all rules here at any time.